our 3-Step Process



For years our custom systems have reduced energy costs up to 60% in facilities of all kinds. Our services can also improve customer and associate comfort, power quality of equipment, and decrease the likelihood of downtime.

To learn more about your unique needs, we conduct a facility overview with the person who best understands the energy usage. During the walkthrough, the Green Analytics representative gathers information about the:

  • HVAC system
  • lighting system
  • electrical system
  • roof structure
  • equipment operations
  • power quality challenges
  • maintenance challenges
  • energy billing usage and history
  • footprint, blueprint, or CAD drawing of the facility

Evaluation presentation and commitment

Green Analytics uses the information gathered in the facility overview and inspection to design a custom energy savings system to meet your needs and goals. We calculate the total cost of the project along with your estimated energy savings and payback period.

The evaluation presentation contains an overview of the types and functions of technologies to be used in your energy saving system, and it fully explains the project's requirements, timeline and anticipated results. Some additional facility inspection will be required at this time to fully prepare for installation of improvements.

Upon completion of the proposal, you decide if these energy saving upgrades to your facility are the right choice for your company. You will then commit to proceed so we can prepare for installation of your new energy saving system.


Project installation and ongoing verification of savings

Green Analytics builds and acquires all necessary technology to develop your custom energy saving system. We coordinate all installation work, which is performed by our own construction company affiliate and/or licensed contractors according to applicable codes, regulations and facility-specific safety and operational requirements.

System performance data will be captured after the installations are complete. We will measure and verify the system’s performance using our own patented monitoring system and software. You will be able to control and manipulate your system from the computer of your choice.

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