Air Circulation System:

Thanks to physics, heat rises and cold air is left near the floor. Because of this stratification of air temperatures, HVAC systems must operate much longer to create a temperature that is consistent in any built environment. When indoor air is effectively circulated, the thermostat is satisfied much quicker thus shutting off the HVAC units at a more rapid pace and therefore saving energy. Our system has been proven to reduce energy use between 25-50% (depending on the type of facility) and create efficient and comfortable indoor environmental conditions in all buildings, large and small.

Energy Saving Lighting:

By implementing products and technologies that utilize Spectrally Enhanced Lighting (SEL) and/or Solid State Lighting (LED’s) our energy efficient lighting solutions provide optimum energy savings and the best quality lighting available. Utilizing these technologies in all commercial and industrial applications such as office space, stores/hotels, manufacturing areas, warehouses, parking garages, and outdoor lighting provides substantial energy savings.

Inductive Reactors:

Motorized pieces of equipment are historically inefficient users of electricity. Unnecessarily high electrical bills and maintenance costs result from the conversion of the reactive current. An Inductive Reactor provides the benefits of reactive power correction while virtually eliminating the risks associated with traditional correction methods. Increased motor functionality means lower energy costs from reduced current draw. These savings typically produce between 10-30% reductions in electricity costs.

System Controller:

With your new energy saving system comes our state-of-the-art Controller. This controller will allow you to manipulate your system and put it on auto-pilot. Our technology enables you to control the run times of your lights, HVAC system, computers, cash registers, and anything else in your facility from the comfort of a computer in your home office. Taking the human element out of the equation usually provides an immediate 10-20% savings.

Carbon Accounting:

After we have installed your new energy saving system, we can provide you with a precise carbon waste reduction report for your records and/or your clients. Accountability is our first priority!

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