Technologies (continued)

Refrigeration Additives:

Your air conditioning system loses 20% to 30% efficiency as it ages. This technology can reclaim lost efficiency by irradicating oil fouling on heat transfer surfaces within your cooling system. Listed below are some of the benefits:

  • Reduces electric energy cost by up to 20% or more
  • Delivers colder vent air … faster
  • Reduces equipment repair cost
  • Reduces compressor noise
  • Extends equipment life … equipment runs cooler
  • Lasts for the life of the cooling system coils
  • The most cost effective way to further enhance system SEER performance
  • Won’t void your warranty
  • Guaranteed 10% savings or your money back!

Roof Coatings:

Our reflective roof coating is used to cool off buildings in hot climates and create a significant energy savings. Our formula has proven to cut a building's cooling load by 10-60% and provide an effective seal to aid against heat penetration.

Window Tint:

Our highly engineered window tint films provide the best in terms of performance, aesthetics, protection and energy conservation in the industry. For comfort and solar protection at work or at home, this is the superior choice.

  • Cutting edge technology with remarkable heat rejection performance
  • High infra-red rejection of up to 98%
  • High ultra-violet rejection; greater than 99%
  • 100% dye-free materials
  • Scratch resistant hard coat
  • Low visible light reflectance

Solar Power:

Solar power systems make going green affordable and easy. Solar electricity is no longer the energy of the future; it's the energy of today! By making solar truly affordable and accessible, Green Analytics has made it possible for everyone to reduce or eliminate electric bills while improving the quality of our environment.

Green Analytics solar systems are designed to provide the most cost-effective solar solutions on the market. In many states, government incentives and rebates may offset your purchase price entirely!

Wind Power:

Take control of your energy needs by harnessing a free resource—the wind. Our Wind Turbines work in tandem with your electric utility to power your building. When the wind isn’t blowing, the utility supplies your electricity. But when it’s windy out, our Wind Turbine pivots to catch the best wind and provides clean, quiet electricity. When it generates more electricity than you need, your meter can actually spin backwards—which means you’re essentially selling electricity back to the utility. It lowers your electric bill by as much as 80%, protects you against volatile electricity prices, reduces your dependence on foreign oil, and produces clean energy that doesn’t affect global warming.

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