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Green Analytics, Inc., is an energy conservation firm on a mission to create a sustainable environment for all and save companies energy and money at the same time. Green Analytics has a portfolio of energy efficiency solutions that provide immediate savings on energy costs and pay back in ROI in only 3 years or less. Integrating innovative technologies from capacitors, solar heat, roof coatings and window films to air movers, custom-spec LED lights, ice cold and more, Green Analytics transitions companies to be environmentally sustainable using energy-saving solutions that are financed with zero up front cost. Go green for savings now and sustainability forever. Contact us to arrange a free facility energy audit from one of our specialists.

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LightsOn: Energy Efficiency: The Most Sensible Way to Go Green
May 3, 2011 - As politicians, companies, and citizens are pushing for a "greener" environment, meaning one that is environmentally sustainable and emits fewer greenhouse gases, numerous studies have been conducted to determine the best way to go "green." Should we have solar panels, geothermal energy, windmills, or energy efficiency? This is the question that all members of society are faced with from power providers; the CEOs, CFOs, and corporate sustainability officers in the corporate world; and individuals.

Current Economy and Benefits to Going Green
One cannot object to the fact that the current economy is proving to be a difficult time for manufactures to weigh the costs of going green and waiting for the long-term return on investment. This leads to a number of executives "doing business as usual" and waiting to go "green." However, the company is still acquiring higher utility costs and emitting more greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The transition to going "green" should be financially harmless and profit maximizing for the company. In a perfect economy, everyone would be willing to renovate using more energy efficient measures or renewable energy.

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