What We Do

We develop turn key projects for our clients

We do this by installing a system of energy conservation equipment and products that eliminates out-of-pocket expense and maximizes return from cash flow. Typically, we install our system, create a savings, and then share that savings with the client until the cost of the system is paid in full. This process is usually completed within the first 2-3 years, after which all the savings belong to the client.

Fully guarantee every project to perform as indicated.

Thoroughly interview client management to determine expectations and needs to implement appropriate solutions.

Provide our client with specific project targets for cash flow improvement, prior to any work being performed.

Present client with a risk free option for gaining immediate positive cash flow from our shared savings agreement. This is estimated by retaining at least 24 months history of energy costs.

Protect client with time tested lab and field technologies. Our technologies undergo vigorous testing and development, in some cases this literally takes years. The result is thousands of satisfied clients.

Provide complete after-the-project follow up analysis and monitoring to aid clients in evaluating the project's performance and return on investment.

Develop and implement only long term projects, typically providing great financial benefits for over 20 years after implementation.

Provide Sustainability. With saved energy and gained efficiency there is a considerable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction in the facility’s carbon footprint.

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