Frequently Asked Questions

Can we finance this project from savings?

Yes. We have created a Shared Savings Agreement for you to be able to implement our system without any out-of-pocket expense. Our approach and our belief are to create an attractive project that meets both your financial and energy savings goals. Lease purchase is also available with little to no money down and a monthly positive cash position.

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How do you prove that your systems are saving money?

Measurement and verification is a very important part of our system. System performance data will start being collected after the installations are complete. We will measure and verify the system's performance using our own patented monitoring system and software. You will be able to monitor and control your system from the computer of your choice.

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How does a Green Analytics energy savings project benefit the environment?

Your facility draws its electricity from the utility company. The utility company generates energy by various methods. Currently, the most common way in America is to burn coal to heat water in boiler tubes. The water then becomes steam which is run through a steam turbine that drives a generator shaft which creates electricity.

The burning of carbon-based fuels results in raised concentrations of greenhouse gases which increases the earth's average temperature and destabilizes the weather patterns. The single largest greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. The US is responsible for roughly one-quarter of the world's CO2, of which 40% is the result of electric power production.

By making your facility more efficient, your company will be doing its part in helping the environment. During our facility overview and inspection, Green Analytics will calculate your annual energy savings which will also give you a percentage of reduction in greenhouse gases, coal and oil. You will be doing your part to reduce your company's carbon footprint on our planet and create a more sustainable environment.

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How is Green Analytics different from other energy cost saving companies?

We design, manufacture and install a guaranteed energy savings project customized uniquely to your facility. We also issue a satisfaction guarantee on your project's success with an estimated payback period. If our system doesn't work, we will uninstall our equipment and redeploy it to another project.

We take a full facility approach to your energy distribution system and apply technologies which maximize your savings while minimizing your expenses. We use technologies that you will not have to maintain or receive special training on. We have spent years developing our arsenal of energy conservation solutions to bring you savings without additional maintenance and training costs.

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How much will a new energy saving system cost?

Our engineering staff prides itself on our systematic approach to addressing your energy saving needs and targets. We design our systems within your financial and saving constraints. A typical project may provide a payback in 2 to 3 years utilizing our shared savings agreement, lease option or cash purchase.

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How much will it cost to evaluate our company?

Nothing! We will come to your place of business and perform an initial evaluation of your facility to lower energy costs for free! We will place your unique parameters into our modeling software to obtain an initial estimate of potential energy cost savings. This will give you the ability to determine if an energy cost savings project will meet your expectations. Our next step is to complete a detailed engineering design on your facility using the data previously collected during our initial walkthrough. We guarantee you we can reduce your energy usage by at least 10%!

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In what types of industries have you installed your energy saving products?

All types: Retail, Sporting facilities, Automotive, Motorsports, Hotel, Large Industrial, Small Industrial, Warehouse storage, Distribution centers, Commercial buildings and many more. We have designed energy cost savings approaches for most industries around the world. What is important is to understand your unique environment and operating conditions so we can design an approach that works best for you.

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What are the life-cycle costs for this system?

None. Our systems are passive in nature and require no additional training or maintenance to operate... other than changing a light bulb on occasion.

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What technologies do you use to lower energy costs?

We design our complete systems using several types of technologies. The types of technologies we select depend on your facility's environment. We let your environment dictate the types of technologies we use. Green Analytics is a manufacturer, as well as a distributor of technologies, that improves electrical efficiencies for equipment, air-conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, and others. After our engineering and design phase we will know which technologies will be optimal for your facility.

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